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NW200 Circuit Map

Vauxhall International 2014 North West 200 Circuit Map


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Vantage Points


North West 200 Start Finish

Vauxhall Start - Finish

For a hive of activity and excitement you can view from the start/finish of the race.

Take a walk around the paddock, have a seat in one of the adjacent grandstands or purchase a hospitality ticket and watch all the action from the corporate balcony: the perfect location to see the riders prepare for, start and finish the race. Relax and prepare for the adrenalin rush!

Access to this area is available prior to roads closing. Ensure you leave yourself time as this area becomes very congested. After roads close you can walk from either York Corner of the Metropole area.

North West 200 York Corner

Vauxhall York Hairpin

York Hairpin is an aIl action overtaking point and superb on the first lap as riders jostle for position.

Enjoy a seat from the comfort of the grandstand which is ideally located to see the riders ‘pop the front wheel’ over the crest on the exit of Primrose then it’s hard on the brakes for the clutch destroying left hand uphill hairpin at York, before accelerating hard towards the Mill Road Roundabout.

Access is only available via the Portstewart area after the roads close.

Mill Road Roundabout

Burnside Garage Mill Road Roundabout

Slow roundabout which is taken anti-clockwise.

Riders then build up to speeds of 140mph on approach to Station Corner

North West 200 Station Corner

Station Corner

Viewing is limited due to safety restrictions, however if you manage to get a vantage point, it will be worth it as this is probably the fastest corner on the course. This is not for the fainthearted. Just ask any of the riders!

Again access should be gained prior to roads closing or if you are positioned on the inside of the circuit you can access Station Corner via Roselick Road.

North West 200 Black Bridge

Black Bridge

Between Station Corner and University you can view the race as the riders ride a flat-out crest where the superbike machines fight to keep the front end down as they nick top gear on the run to University.

Access from the inside of the course along Islandtasserty Road.

North West 200 Speed Trap

Speed Trap Location

For those who love the thrill of the speed! This is the point where the superbike machines flash past at over 200mph.

As the bikes whiz past it is difficult to mark your programme, so not the best location if you wish to keep your records up to date!

Access is difficult after roads close as this area is the fastest section of the course. If you wish to spectate here, you can walk across the fields from University Corner.

North West 200 University Corner

Select Management and Security Ltd University Corner

You will have excellent views from either the inside or outside of this corner. Great place to watch the riders arrive from the fastest part of the course and time the braking just right (or not!) coming from the Speed Trap area towards this sharp corner.

Access from Coleraine (Shell Bridge area) past the University of Ulster.

North West 200 Ballysally Roundabout

Road Racing Ireland Ballysally Roundabout

Riders run anti-clockwise around Ballysally “Magic Roundabout” before heading onto the Portrush Road towards Mather’s Cross.

This is a great viewing point with plentiful standing areas. It is always a hive of activity. For those who like a quick exit at 6.45pm or earlier this is an ideal location for you!

Again this section is very easily accessed from the ring road area on the main route to the circuit.

Parking is readily available at the Roundabout prior to roads closing. This area has full commentary with hot food and toilet facilities.

North West 200 Mathers Cross

Pirtek Mather’s Cross Chicane

Almost as famous as the NW200 itself and historically it was not one for the throttle-shy riders. Since 2010 a chicane has been added so Mather’s is now more a test of skill than speed.

Access available from Gateside Road and lslandtasserty Road (inside of circuit) after roads Close.

North West 200 Magherabuoy Chicane

Coleraine Borough Council Magherabuoy Chicane

Introduced as a ‘slowing down and. safety device’ on the run into Metropole has made it a top spot for spectating.

Beware the riders who brake too late and over run or those who choose this moment in the final lap to outwit the rider in front!

Access via Gateside Road then Loguestown Road.

North West 200 Metropole

Shoei Metropole Corner

On race day Metropole embankment really looks spectacular with over 3000 race fans lining the outside of the track all watching the fast left hand sweeper on the approach to Church Corner.

This popular location now has the added benefit of a 30 metre square Big Screen so fans don’t miss any of the action.

Access is not limited but get there early as many spectators make an annual pilgrimage. The noise on the last lap resembles a football crowd so the atmosphere is superb.

North West 200 Church Corner

Blair's Caravans Church Corner

Blair's Caravans Church Corner is a tight right hand bend using only half the normal road width and viewing on the left hand side approach is excellent, although our advice is to get there early and book your spot.

Access to Metropole is from Portrush or the coastal path but once you’re at Church it’s virtually an all-day Iock in.

North West 200 Railway Arch

Railway Arch

A favourite with fans, this right-left underneath the railway bridge has limited access and vantage points so get there early!

Access from Portrush or walk the coastal path from the start/finish.

North West 200 Black Hill

Black Hill

Best views are from the outside of the bend looking down on the riders as they flash into view from Dhu Varren and up towards Black Hill.

Riders may appear to be slow, but believe us this is not the case as the superbikes sweep through the left-right flick over the crest in third gear whilst fighting to change direction; miss the kerb on the outside and aII the while trying to keep the front wheel on terra firma! A spectacular location with cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean as the main backdrop.

Access is available along the Coast Road from either the Start/Finish or Metropole (Portrush).

North West 200 Juniper Hill

Coleraine Borough Council Juniper Hill Chicane

For those who like to move to a variety of viewing points this is ideal as you can easily walk between a variety of different vantage points. Juniper Hill has superb viewing all the way along the coast road from Black Hill to Juniper Hill The best access is from the Coast Road which runs from Portrush to York Corner.

Access on the inside is limited to the Juniper Hill Caravan Park. Parking is also limited around these areas. Best to park in Portrush or Portstewart or in the official car park at the Inn On The Coast.




North West 200 Refreshments


Refreshment facilities are available at most vantage points around the NW200 circuit and surrounding areas, these include:

Crocknamack Road (Hot Food, Ice Cream), Metropole (Hot Food, Ice Cream, Confectionary), Blackhill (Hot Food, Ice Cream), Ballyreagh Golf Club (Hot Food, Ice Cream Confectionary), Causeway Coast Hotel (Hot Food), Juniper Hill (Hot Food, Ice Cream), Car Park 6 (Hot Food, Ice Cream), Rock Car Park (Hot Food, Ice Cream).

North West 200 Toilets


Toilet facilities are available at most vantage points around the NW200 circuit and surrounding areas, these include:

Start / Finish (including disabled toilet), Millbank, Primrose Hill, York Corner, Mill Road, Station Corner, Dundooan / University Corner, Ballysally Roundabout, Nicholl’s, Mathers Cross, Carnalridge, Magherbouy, Metropole, Black Hill, Juniper Hill (including disabled toilet), Quary, Ballyreagh.

North West 200 Official Campsite

2014 Official Campsite

The Official NW200 campsite for 2014 will be run by Blair's Caravans. Facilities on site are Toilets and showers, Café / food and Hard standing for parking cars and bikes. The campsite can be found at 60 Loguestown Road, Portrush, BT56 8PD, Web:, Telephone: 028 70823537