CP Hire

North West 200 News

CP Hire has a proud tradition in supporting local events and charities. The International NW 200 is our hometown event and we have been involved for over 40 years. The 2022 NW200 is approaching fast with great anticipation from all road racing supporters following a 2 year enforced break from the event.
Mid May sees 100,000 race fans descend to the North Coast to witness the thrills the race week festival. The showcase event is screened across the world as the unique road racing scenes are watched in disbelief as the riders hit speeds of more than 200mph along the public roads, which are closed for the day.
Northern Ireland public and the construction trades people have a fascination with racing on the roads. We have been happy to contribute financially and also supporting in the massive task of track building to which our hire business lends itself perfectly.
If you are any way interested in motorsport the NW200 is definitely worth a visit. The 2020 event will soon be upon us, let’s hope for a great week of safe and exciting racing.
Andrew Hutchinson,
Managing Director,
CP Hire.