The makers of the BBC programme “HOW THE NORTH WEST WAS WON” have been revisiting the history over the past few years to expand selected decades into a feature length DVD.

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This new programme “HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 1990’s” takes a close look at the period 1990 to 1999. It covers in great detail the big stories from that decade. Included among these stories are-Robert Dunlop’s first appearance on the JPS Norton; Phillip McCallen‘s 5 wins in 1992; Carl Fogarty’s first wins in 1993 after years of trying; Robert’s last triple in 1994; Owen McNally’s only win in 1997; Michael Rutter’s first wins in 1997; Robert’s dramatic comeback in 1998 & David Jefferies’s triple in 1999.

Using footage from a number of sources and many unpublished photographs together with the newspaper headlines, from the race coverage in the Newsletter, the story is well illustrated.

Stephen Watson narrates and among the contributors telling the stories first hand are Carl Fogarty, Keith Huewen, Mervyn Whyte MBE, Billy Nutt, Liam Beckett, Jackie Fullerton, Barry Symmons, PJ O’Kane, Stephen Davison, Steve Plater, Michael & Tony Rutter, Kenny Loughrin, George McCann, Hector Neill, Dick Creith, Michael Dunlop, William Dunlop, Ryan Farquhar, Phillip McCallen & Paul Robinson.