Supporters Club 2023 Membership


2023 Packages Now Available

Gold Membership – £50 – Includes pin badge, car/bike sticker, race programme & weekly paddock pass – Postage & Package charges apply see below

Silver Membership – £35 – Includes pin badge, car/bike sticker & race programme – Postage & Package charges apply see below

Bronze Membership – £25 – Includes pin badge, car/bike sticker, – Postage & Package charges apply see below

Junior Membership – £7 – Includes pin badge
UP TO 14 YEARS – (Can only be purchased with any adult membership)

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Postage & Package Charges
Gold Membership – Postage UK £2 International £6
Silver Membership – Postage UK £2 International £6
Bronze Membership Postage UK £2 International £6
Please note these charges are an estimate and not an exact charge

1. Gold Membership (Plus P&P)
2. Gold Membership + Junior Membership (Plus P&P)
3. Silver Membership (Plus P&P)
4. Silver Membership + Junior Membership (Plus P&P)
5. Bronze Membership (Plus P&P)
6. Bronze Membership + Junior Membership (Plus P&P)
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Product Description


The NW200 supporters club was created over forty years ago to actively support and promote our road racing event. Run by enthusiasts, the club helps raise vital funds to support and maintain the race each year. Over the years this money has gone towards various expenses, contributing to improvements in track safety and event facilities.

This membership is more important due to the affects of Covid and the cancellation of the event for the second year, 2020 & 2021.  All funds raised through the supporters club will go towards the 2023 event.

Becoming a member of the supporters club is seen by fans as a way of becoming part of the NW200 and its incredible history as one of the World’s most exciting motor cycle road races.


  • The annual subscription gives members an exclusive club badge, bike/car sticker & weekly paddock pass and programme – depending on the package you purchase.
  • Being part of a supporters club of one of the World’s greatest motor cycle road races



We would appreciate all club applications and renewals are made online due to Covid.

Supporters Club Enquiries please email: