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NW200 Official Caravan & Touring Sites

Experience the Thrill of History at the Heart of Racing – Secure Your Place at the North West 200's Exclusive Caravan Sites! Nestled on the legendary finish line, our official caravan and tourer sites offer a front-row seat to the pulsating energy of Ireland's largest outdoor sporting event. With over nine decades of high-speed history, the NW200 isn't just a race; it's a celebration of motorcycling heritage. Book your spot now and witness the spectacle where legends have been made and racing history continues to unfold. Don't just spectate; live the race week with us!
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Booking Benefits

Paddock Pass

With each booking, receive two weekly paddock passes, your all-access ticket to the vibrant hub of the race, where you can witness the teams and machines up close.

Parking Pass

Enjoy the convenience of an included on-site parking pass, ensuring your vehicle is close at hand in a reserved spot just for you.

Official Programme

Dive into the details with your complimentary official programme, packed with race week schedules, insights, and articles.

Support the Event

Your booking is a direct contribution to the heritage of the NW200, helping to sustain and grow the event's thrilling legacy.

Seamless Arrival

Your adventure begins with a smooth check-in, with pre-allocated sites eliminating the need to queue, making your arrival as enjoyable as the stay.

Safety and Security

Rest easy knowing that from the moment the gates open to the final chequered flag, our security team is dedicated to your peace of mind and safety.

Site Information & Map

Choose Your Perfect Pitch: Our caravan and tourer sites are thoughtfully laid out to ensure you have the perfect base for race week. Sites on rows 4 & 5 measure 7m x 6m, providing a snug fit for your setup, while all other sites offer a spacious 8m x 6m area. Please note that while caravans and campers of all shapes and sizes are welcome, they must fit within the dimensions of your booked site to maintain the event's organisation and aesthetics. Embrace the buzz of the race with no need for electric hook-ups, and please remember that awnings, gazebos, and additional structures are not permitted to preserve the views and atmosphere for all guests.

Touring Site Rules

Vehicle Type

Only caravans and camper vans are allowed. Converted lorries or similar vehicles are not permitted.

Quiet Hours

Strictly observed from midnight to 8 am. No use of generators during these hours.

Litter Management

Dispose of all litter in the provided bins/skips.

Parking Regulation

Only the vehicle registered at the time of booking is allowed on-site. One car per site rule applies.

Safety Spacing

Maintain a 3-metre gap between pitches for safety.

Respect for Others

Behaviours deemed as nuisance or anti-social by management will not be tolerated.
Adherence to Rules: Non-compliance may result in eviction or vehicle removal from the site.

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